Why Use Agent

Every visa application is a legal process governed by the relevant migration laws. Lodging a visa application is not just about filling the forms, it is also about understanding the legal criteria and submitting the documents in accordance with legislation requirements.

If you have a complicated situation, or you have little knowledge about the migration legislation, then you may want to seek some professional advice for the following reasons:

Complexity of Migration Law

Australia has one of the most complicated immigration systems in the world. The Migration Law is one of the most complex and dynamic fields of practice (along with taxation law and industrial relation law), where legislation changes on a highly frequent basis.

There are more than 160 visa types under the current Australian immigration system. Choosing the right visa type sometimes can be a daunting task. And the consequence of choosing the wrong visa category can be very costly.

Benefits of using Experienced Registered Migration Agent

  • Stress FREE: provide you with most up to date migration advice and guide you through the entire visa application process so that you can have a peace of mind
  • Saving MONEY: help you save money by using the right visa strategy with the most cost effective plan
  • Saving TIME: help you obtain the right documentation in the easiest way and help you complete all the application documents.

Why Choose Us

MARA Registered Migration Agent

  • We are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA)
  • Fully Compliance with Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agent
  • Professionally qualified and highly experienced

Professional Service

  • In-depth knowledge of migration regulations and acts
  • Act in the best interest of clients in accordance with the law
  • Fast lodgment (Visa Lodged within two working days of the receipt of documents)

Honest Assessment

  • Provide you with an estimate of success rate at the commencement
  • Advise on strengths and weaknesses of your application
  • Advise on how to improve the prospect

Fixed Fee Guarantee

  • We want you to know our Fixed Professional Fee upfront
  • Affordable and instalment payment plans available
  • No hidden or extra fee