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Finally, You have managed to find a sponsor who is willing to sponsor you, and you want to find out

  • Are they eligible to sponsor you, where do I start?
  • Should I apply for 457 or RSMS
  • Do I need to remain with my employer after being granted the visa

You are holding a 457 visa, and you want to apply for the permanent resident, what are options for me.

My employer just told me they don’t have work for me and will cancel my 457 sponsorship, What do I need to do to remain lawful in Australia

To get a professional advice to those questions, you can schedule a 45 mins consultation with us for $80 only.

Successful Story:

Start-up company wants to sponsor Marketing Manager for 457 Visa

ABC Company is a new start-up company and has only 4 months operating history. The company has 2 arms of business operation, a restaurant and a veggie shop.

They come to see me and would like to sponsor a marketing manager from overseas.

The biggest challenge of this application is how to justify a need for such a position within the business.

After reviewing the business’s current operating activities, financial status, staff profile and applicant’s qualifications, We able to design a detailed business plan to address all the key criteria for the nomination.

At the end, we are able to get the 457 sponsorship, nomination and visa application within 10 weeks.