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Study in Australia

Need help design a study plan to achieve your migration goal? Want to know the visa options after completion of study? Looking for an affordable courses with flexible study hours?

  • Need assistance to prepare your student visa application?
  • Need to bring your family member to join you in Australia?
  • Need to transfer from a SVP provider to non SVP provider?
  • Receive a Notice of Intention to Consider cancellation and need help with a response letter?
  • Student visa was cancelled, and want to appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal?

Contact us for professional advice on your student visa issues.

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Partner Visas

Partner visas

  • Want to bring your love one from Overseas but confused with visa options/requirements? Can’t meet the one year relationship requirement by visa expiry date, is there any other solution? Can I still apply onshore after visa refused
  • Can I include dependent family member in my application
  • What are the differences between onshore (subclass 820/801), offshore partner visa (subclass 309/100), and a prospective marriage visa (subclass 300)
  • What are the primary evidences I need to include in my application, so that I have a better chance of approval with quicker process time?
  • How to get my friend to write a convincing witness statement?
  • Want to know how long/much it takes and what documents required?

To find out the answers to these questions and get a thorough understanding on how the partner visas work, you can schedule a 45 mins consultation with us for $80 only.

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Practise Areas Success Migration Australia

General Skilled Migration

Do you meet the following conditions:

  • Less than 50 years old; Have an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupations list; Have a positive skills assessment for that occupation; Be able to score at least 60 on the points test and have competent English, i.e. IELTS 6.0 on each band? 

If so, you may be eligible to apply for PR through GSM Pathway

If you are an international student, and would like to know

  • if you can apply for a skilled visa after graduation
  • things you can organise before graduation so that you have more control of the migration process

If You have an overseas qualification and would like to know

  • tips on how to fill the EOI ensure you don’t over claim your points
  • how to assess the points for your skilled employment
  • how to prepare your skills assessment

You can schedule a 45 mins consultation with us for $80 only.

Successful Story:

Student from High risk country failed IELTS test to apply Graduate Visa


Za had just completed his Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology and was planning to apply for the graduate 485 visa.

However, things were not going well with his IELTS test, he thought he would easily achieve 6 points to meet the Competent English criteria. But he failed in 2 attempts.

He came to see me with 5 days left on his student visa. He had run out of time to sit another IELTS test. If he is not able to remain onshore, he will most likely lose his opportunity to apply for the graduate visa, since it is an onshore visa and need to apply within 6 months of the completion date.

My Advice

After reviewing his study history and financial situation, I suggested a short course of student visa was a more practical solution.


1. Little time left to lodge a new application, need to obtain COE within days

2. Need to apply for an appropriate course with limited budget and get COE issued immediately

3. Need to address the Genuine Temporary Entrant Test, justify the reasons for studying such a course


We were able to enroll him into a 6 months budget course (tuition fee is less than 5k) and get a COE issued within 2 working days, and then lodge the visa application on the third day and get him and his family a bridging visa straight away.

He got a 7 months’ 572 visa 4 weeks after lodgement.


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Employer Sponsored Visas

Finally, You have managed to find a sponsor who is willing to sponsor you, and you want to find out

  • Are they eligible to sponsor you, where do I start?
  • Should I apply for 457 or RSMS
  • Do I need to remain with my employer after being granted the visa

You are holding a 457 visa, and you want to apply for the permanent resident, what are options for me.

My employer just told me they don’t have work for me and will cancel my 457 sponsorship, What do I need to do to remain lawful in Australia

To get a professional advice to those questions, you can schedule a 45 mins consultation with us for $80 only.

Successful Story:

Start-up company wants to sponsor Marketing Manager for 457 Visa

ABC Company is a new start-up company and has only 4 months operating history. The company has 2 arms of business operation, a restaurant and a veggie shop.

They come to see me and would like to sponsor a marketing manager from overseas.

The biggest challenge of this application is how to justify a need for such a position within the business.

After reviewing the business’s current operating activities, financial status, staff profile and applicant’s qualifications, We able to design a detailed business plan to address all the key criteria for the nomination.

At the end, we are able to get the 457 sponsorship, nomination and visa application within 10 weeks.

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