How Long Is Your Skills Assessment Valid For Migration Purpose?

This is supposed to be a straightforward question. However, in reality, it is a bit complicated.

In the past, it was forever, in other word, even, it stated it is valid for 5 years on your assessment result letter and those 5 years has passed, it doesn’t matter, you can still use it to apply. The Migration Regulation only required you have a positive skill assessment, it didn’t specify it had to be still valid at the time of application or decision.

There is actually a case where an applicant provided an expired skill assessment result letter from the Australian Computer Society and was refused. The case was overturned by MRT and that person had finally got his visa approved.

However, things are different now following recent amendments to Migration Regulations 1994, which takes effect from 1st July 2014.

So how long is it valid for now?

A short answer will be 3 years or less, i.e if the validity period stated in the Assessment Letter is less than 3 years, it takes precedence, e.g ACS and AIM’s assessment are only valid for 2 years.

And how do you work out the 3 years.

It depends on the visa subclass you apply for.

For GSM visa, such as sc189, 190 and 489 (exclude 485), a skills assessment must be valid at the time of invitation

For ENS sc 186 and RSMS 187, a skills assessment must be valid at the time of lodgement

Please note the above amendment does not apply to 457 visa.

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