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How Does Skill Select Work?

Skill Select is a three-stage process that involves:

1. lodging EOI,

2. receiving an invitation to apply, and

3. Lodging a visa application.

The GSM visa program uses a point test system. Once you submit the EOI form, the system ranks your position according to your score and the date of effect. You can see a point summary after submitting the EOI, but you won’t be able to see your ranking position, as it changes all the time. Once you have submitted your EOI, it will be stored in the system and remain valid for two years unless you withdraw it or miss two invitations. Immigration Department will also remove your EOI if you are granted a permanent or provisional visa.

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Proficient English: IELTS VS OET

Applicants for GSM skilled migration must have COMPETENT English language proficiency. Additional points are awarded to applicants with better English language skills as below:

English Level Points Awarded
Competent English 0
Proficient English 10
Superior English 20

To claim 10 points for having Proficient English, applicants must sit a prescribed language test to demonstrate their English-language proficiency. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

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Changes to Accountants Skills Assessment Criteria from 1 July 2015


From 1 July 2015, new changes will be introduced by skills assessment authorities CPA Australia/CA  which may affect you if your nominated occupation is in the accounting area.

Please note, we have a confirmation from CPA Australia that the new changes also apply to those who has passed the provisional skill assessment for their 485 graduate visa.

Following is the news published on the CPA website:


The changes to the assessment criteria will be implemented with effect from Wednesday 1 July. The total number of core knowledge areas will be consolidated to nine (9) from the current twelve (12):

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What does Immigration Dept think of Migration Agent

Immigration Department has published a post on their migration blog in regard to “What to expect from a registered migration agent’.

Here is the summary of the things mentioned in the post:

  • It’s against the law for anyone who is not registered to advise about eligibility for a visa or provide assistance
  • Registered migration agents are skilled professionals with up-to-date knowledge of Australian migration law
  • Registered Agent is bound by the professional standards set out in the migration agents’ Code of Conduct
  • Agent must be realistic with you about your chances of getting a visa – they shouldn’t give you false hope and can never guarantee you a visa.
  • The agreement should give you a breakdown of the costs involved in preparing and submitting your visa application, including the agent’s professional fees and any visa application charges.
  • You should consider talking to a few agents about their services and fees before you choose one and sign a written contract with them
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Partner Sponsor Limitation – When did the past 5 years start to count

In order to prevent people from abusing partner visa program, the migration regulation has placed some limitations on partner sponsorship. A 5 years ban is one of such limitations, that is,

Your sponsorship might not be approved if you:

a) were sponsored for a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa within the past five years or

b) have successfully sponsored another person for migration to Australia on a Partner or Prospective Marriage visa within the past five years.

From time to time, I always got inquiries from relevant clients about how to calculate these 5 years, when does it start, from the date of visa lodgement or visa grant? Can I lodge another sponsorship application if I have less than 12 months to pass 5 year mark?

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