General Skilled Visas

General Skilled Visas

General Skilled Migration (GSM) program has nine visas in total. Following are the most basic criteria you need to meet to be eligible to apply:

  • Less than 45 years old;
  • Have an occupation that is on the relevant Skilled Occupations Lists;
  • Have a positive skills assessment for that occupation;
  • Be able to score at least 65 on the points test;
  • Competent English, i.e. IELTS 6.0 on each band.

Are you an International Student? Would you like to know:

  • If you can apply for a skilled visa after graduation.
  • Things you can organize before graduation so that you can have more control of the migration process.

Do you have an overseas qualification? Would you like to know:

  • Tips on how to fill the EOI ensure you don’t ever overclaim your points?
  • How to assess the points for your skilled employment?
  • How to prepare your skills assessment?