family partner visas australia

Are you in a relationship with an Australian/New Zealander?

Would you like to know:

  • If your partner is eligible to sponsor you?
  • Can you still apply onshore, even you have a visa refused previously?
  • You can’t meet the one year de facto relationship requirement, is there any other solution?
  • Can you include a dependent family member after the lodgement?
  • What are the differences between onshore and offshore partner visa?
  • What sort of evidence can help improve your application prospect?
  • How to get your friend to write a powerful witness statement?

Charting your path to residency

There are a number of partner visas depends on the nature of relationship and whether the applicant is inside or outside Australia at the time of application. Our migration agents will work with you to determine the most suitable path for you to Australian permanent residency and can provide coaching and guidance throughout the process to deliver the optimal outcome for your case.

Depending on the length and circumstances of your relationship, you may qualify for both temporary and permanent visa, meaning that you will be granted your permanent visa immediately after your temporary visa. Our migration agents will help you understand all options open to you during your initial consultation.

Put your partner visa application in the right hands

Success Migration Australia has extensive experience supporting partner and spouse visa applications of every description, providing the help you need to navigate the path to immigration. Our agents are highly experienced in providing end-to-end support for individuals looking to reside in Australia with their partner, delivering the help you need from initial consultation to a successful migration outcome.

To find out the answers to these questions and get a thorough understanding of how the partner visas work, you can schedule a 30 mins consultation with us for $99 only. Success Migration Australia also welcomes enquiries through our contact form or via email at You can also call our South Perth office on +61 (8) 6162 0840 to speak directly to our staff.